Yearbook 2014

Hidden Treasure Art Magazine Yearbook 2014, Volume II UK edition

This Yearbook is the first part of a series of art books aiming to connect artists and the art world in a direct and effective way and featuring the latest trends in visual arts all over the world. The book is featuring the latest trends in visual arts all over the world promoting their work and connecting them with a vast audience of collectors, curators, exhibitors, art lovers and potential buyers and more than 600 galleries in the UK and 450 ones in Europe. Outstanding artists world wide, both established and emerging, originating from different arts, using different media will be included in our book.

It is a common knowledge to all artists how important is to show their work in exhibitions, shows, publications, in order to reach a vast audience and find their way to success. It is also important to create a background that will help them in future projects. Dedication to art and hard work is not enough for an artist whose aim is to be successful. It is a fact that art collectors prefer “published artists” while considering a potential buy.

The goal of the publication is to help artists find galleries or buyers to make them live from what they really like to do: CREATE. Our aim is to get a confirmation from galleries, curators, museums, fine art collectors and buyers to give us a list of those artists they would love to see in their galleries or work in the future with. It is also important as we are planning to make an exhibition in London for the five most successful artists, next year.